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Fall 2020 Update

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

PBS? YES!!!  I am absolutely thrilled to report that THE LAST PIG is headed for PBS this spring! With an expected reach of 2-3 million viewers, we're over the moon! BUT...we need to raise funds to help make this happen. If you or someone you know can help us, please reach out to me at or click here! Thank you!!!

Reaching the Next Generation I believe nothing is more important than planting seeds of compassion in the next generation. We've spent the past year creating special versions of The Last Pig for college, high, middle, and elementary school students (complete with detailed teaching curricula!). Thanks to the Quinn Foundation and VegFund, we are now distributing 250 K-12 educational kits for FREE! Order a kit from GOOD DOCS to jump-start the compassion conversation with The Last Pig - and please share!! 

Globetrotting With 235 screenings in 30 countries, plus 40 film festivals from Brazil to Japan (where The Last Pig won the top Award!), this little pig has been flying! Live screenings are currently on hold, but we'll resume as soon as it's safe. In the meantime, here's some exciting news: We're planning a virtual screening event! Stay tuned! 

Thank you, dear friends and supporters, for joining us on this journey. It has been a true labor of love, and I am deeply grateful for the privilege of sharing it with you! 


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Ed Niple
Ed Niple
25 Tem 2021

I loved the show (I saw it on PBS July 2020). I have a question to pose to the creators and viewers. First consider two scenes from the show: the first is where the pigs are romping through the woods, the second is where the pigs are all gone. Is it really obvious that the second scene is ethically the better situation?

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