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Remembering Monk

Bob’s beloved dog, Monk, passed away just before the holidays. He died peacefully of old age, but he will be sorely missed by anyone who had the honor of knowing him – most especially by Bob. Monk was with us on every shoot and his sage spirit will live on in THE LAST PIG. Below […]

Loving Hug

The day that Allison (Argo), Joe (Brunette), and I met here at the farm to talk about possibly working together to make a film about my transition from pig to vegetable farming, it was not love at first sight. It was love before first sight. Though they were objectively strangers – the three (four – […]

Cast your Vote!

We’ve just launched a little contest!! Just click HERE and choose your favorite meme!! The winning meme will be made into a “meme magnet” for our donors (it comes with certain perks). Now’s a great time to join the herd!!  igg.me/at/the-last-pig!!!

Being a Pig

For more than thirty years, I have been beset by recurrent depression. A very dark and ugly episode descended eight weeks ago and sent me careening into the abyss. However, a stray bit from the world of light surprised me yesterday by cascading down to me, undeterred by the darkness of my indwelling hell.